Preview: No Artificial Colours - Crying Wolf EP

I've been posting loads of mixes nowadays and this resulted in a major cutback of previews. Well, it has to change! First up here's the British duo No Artificial Colours' brand new EP titled "Crying Wolf" on MadTech Records. Release date set for 27 May 2013.

Kicking off with the title track, "Crying Wolf" with Alex Mills on the vocals who was already featured on Miguel Campbell’s "Something Special" - not a new name to house lovers then. The cut embraces an old school house vibe with a playful organ melody as the groove keeps you rolling. Nice one!

Next up is "Restless Souls" where the duo collaborates with Cari Golden who has already appeared on labels like Mobilee or Crosstown Rebels. The record employs bumpy 909 drums, a modern tipped bass hook and heavily reverberated vocal licks as its driving force, keeping things classy and understated.

"Love" closes out the EP with its simple yet effective Hammond bass-line teaming up with some smooth percussions, again resulting a delightful new-age house track.

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