Off Recordings Podcast Episode 96 - mixed by Vanilla Ace

It is Tuesday which means it is time for another podcast episode from one of the hottest deep house/nudisco imprints, Off Recordings.

The newest episode of the series is coming from Vanilla Ace who is responsible for the newest EP on the label too - not so surprisingly, released today too.

Let's take a look at the mix itself! Of course Vanilla Ace - who previously had releases on labels such as Toolroom Records, Southern Fried, Floorplay - took the opportunity to feature most of his current work. Both tracks from his newest EP "Get It On" and "Musicology" are featured in the mix, along with his remixes for Electronic Youth and Stef Vrolijk. The label's newest releases are lined up here too with the new Marlon Hoffstadt and Dansson collaboration or Jay West and Manuel Sahagun's "Fool Me" with its Andre Crom treatment.


01. Vanilla Ace - Bring It Back
02. Vanilla Ace - Get It On
03. SecondCity - The Story
04. Jay West & Manuel Sahagun - Fool Me (Andre Crom remix)
05. FCL - It's You (Bordertown's deep booty)
06. Electronic Youth feat. Kele Le Roc - Don't You Know (Vanilla Ace remix)
07. Semedo - Love Illusion
08. Vanilla Ace - Musicology
09. Marlon Hoffstadt & Dannson - Hot Strings
10. Stef Vrolijk - Enter Your Heart (Vanilla Ace remix)
11. Adam Banks - I Would Be
12. Hector Couto - Back to Basics
13. DJ Zinc - Only for Tonight (TEED remix)

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