Firedog pres. FIREDOG ROKKZ debut album

Releasing the first artist album is a defining moment in every EDM producers' life. It takes way more than simply releasing EPs or remixes, it calls for diversity and challenging the borders of your producing skills. BPB is proud to present the first artist album of Budapest-based dubstep/moombahcore producer FIREDOG!

The album itself contains 8 tracks, 5 of them designed for peaktime partying, 2 really harsh filthstep tracks, plus as a bonus delight, you got a chilling dubstep track aswell. It also features a 2012 remode of "Saturday Power" which already got airplay on BBC Radio 1 among many others. Here's the teaser:

FIREDOG ROKKZ!! - electro/dubstep FREE album! by Firedog's music

You can download the album for ABSOLUTELY FREE on THIS LINK

01. Firedog - Firedog Rokkz!! feat. DNL & Mamut
02. Firedog - Party Cannibals feat. DNL
03. Firedog - Saturday Power 2012 VIP feat. DNL
04. Firedog - Burnin' Soldiers feat. DNL
05. Firedog - Here With You feat. DNL
06. Firedog - This Is feat. DNL
07. Firedog - Game Over feat. DNL
08. Firedog - Analogical feat. DNL 

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