DJ Moon - Deep in the City Podcast (June 2015)

Deep in the City is one of the newest, yet hottest deep and tech house party series in Budapest. Already having successful stunts in Volt Bar at Akvárium and having hosted some cool up and coming talent including Davko, Moon, T:Maniak and many others. Also, not forgetting the legendary shark figures being unofficial mascots of these events.

In order to kick off a very promising outdoor season, one of the head honchos of the series, Moon provided us with the inaugural Deep in the City podcast. The fact that makes this mixtape kinda unique, is that Moon will not appear in Deep in the City events during the summer since he is already spending some quality time in Ibiza, having gigs and producing brand new music - until September!

So, with a slight touch of Ibiza and the  strong flavour of Budapest, please welcome this nearly 90 minute long appetizer of pure Deep in the City madness.

In case you are being enchanted by the mixtape, you may taste the feeling at Zippp Club in Margitsziget this Sunday. Here's the event itself.


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