Stu Patrics - Someday (Miguel Campbell remix)

On 25 July 2014, the unstoppable Hedonism Music return with their latest offering – "Someday" from Stu Patrics, his debut for the label.

Complete with a killer remix package that includes Manchester underground hero Miguel Campbell from cult label Hot Creations, as well as man of the moment Teenage Mutants, whose new single "The Path" is currently casuing a storm on Suara Records. He also had great releases on the two hottest Berlin imprints Stil Vor Talent and OFF Recordings.

Over the last few years, Stu Patrics has developed and maintained an impressive following with increasing loyalty, thanks mainly to his series of acclaimed releases and remixes with labels like Moodmusic, Save Room Recordings and Pooledmusic. His DJ residencies have built him a huge live following and his tracks are now regularly picked up and supported by some of the world’s biggest DJs. They’ve also started popping up on diverse mix albums including the world famous Global Underground label.

It’s not only world-class labels that have spotted Stu’s talent, but renowned DJs and producers too. He’s been remixed by some of the finest, including Ian Pooley, Till von Sein and Kruse & Nuernberg who’ve all produced their own versions of Stu’s work.

"Someday" is set for release on 25 July 2014.


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