The Daily Deep (04/23): Gomma Podcast #112 - Munk - Live @ Charlie

The aim of the Daily Deep segment is to present one stellar mixtape each day (or for weekdays at least) from the world of house, nudisco or indie dance. If you feel that you could make it, then don't hesitate and send BPB your mixtape to bpbonkers@gmail.com!

Today's mix is coming from Munk and his newest take to the Gomma Podcast.

Usually, Gomma Podcasts are made for home listening, travelling through many styles and decades. Though now they are happy to have this live recording from a party at Munich’s no.1 House club Charlie. Recorded in March 2014. Enjoy!


01. Munk – The Beat (Kolombo remix)
02. DJ Kaos – Buffalo Dub
03. Black Loops & Maik Yell – Mudy
04. Luna City Express – In The Mix
05. Dead Rose Music Company – Too Late
06. Dimitri From Paris – Let's Dance Edit
07. Munk & Rebolledo – Surf Smurf
08. Daniel Steinberg – You Got It
09. spirit catcher – final call
10. Joey Negro – Taste the Groove
11. Kiwi – Llama
12. Doctor Dru – U Don’t Dance
13. Dimitri from Paris – Pretty Baby
14. Michael Gray & Marco Lys & Plastik Planet – Flashbacks
15. Jose Nunez & Antranig – Are You Ready
16. Munk – Misterio (Horse Meat Disco remix)

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