Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 035 - mixed by Dante GBRL

Hi everyone! I'm back to blogging though the lack of posts didn't mean that there were no YGTTW mixes during the last 2 weeks. Anyway, if you want to check them out, please head over to the Soundcloud page of the blog - you will surely find some coolness there!

As for this week's edition, it is inevitable that the spring is here, the weather is getting better and better, the drinks are getting cooler and those skirts are getting shorter once again. So, enjoy, lay back or...no, don't lay back, just go outside and enjoy these superb days. Some pretty new and unreleased stuff will help you.

Have a nice weekend!


Dante GBRL - Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 035 by Budapest Bonkers on Mixcloud

01. pharrell williams - gust of wind (redondo bootleg) [cdr]
02. croatia squad - pop your pussy [enormous tunes]
03. my digital enemy - shamen [vudu]
04. simion vs. kelis - milkshake [off recordings]
05. hot natured - benediction (lxury remix) [ffrr]
06. haim - if i could change your mind (the knocks remix) [cdr]
07. fake remedy feat. leanne brown - closer to you (carl hanaghan remix) [discopolis]
08. mike mago - man hands [spinnin deep]
09. the wombats - my body is a weapon (davidian bootleg) [cdr]
10. edone & bodden - do it [off recordings]
11. marlon hoffstadt & dansson - shake that (mark knight remix) [parlophone]

12. hot since 82 & joe t. vannelli - the end [moda black]

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