FREE: Nervé - Houstonism EP

Following an absolutely hectic two and a half weeks I have finally managed to get back with Budapest Bonkers. I've gathered some totally awesome stuff during this time which I couldn't post, but the wait is over now, so I would like to make up to you with some of my favorites from the days of the hiatus.

First up, here's the long-awaited Houstonism EP of Nervé which not only brings around 3 heavily bass-stuffed originals but also a bunch of remixes from some of the most promising young Hungarian producers, namely Dave Scorp, Exetfail and Bastardfool. I bet if you are following the blog, you have stumbled upon some of their productions and sets. Oh, the EP is already supported by the Hungarian electro/bass premier league like Drop The Cheese, DJ Lennard, B:Azta and Suck My Disco DJs.

So, here's this 6-track multi-genre EP with some promising young talent and it is totally free! What are you waiting for then?


01. Houstonism
02. Feelingism
03. Houstonism (Dave Scorp remix)
04. Houstonism (Bastardfool remix)
05. Houstonism (Exetfail remix)
06. Tom & Jerry

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